Wonka Beats

by Sly Tompson

ILL Movement exclusive


Send your bars over this track to illdoots@gmail.com to be featured in an upcoming Wonka Wednesday!

1. 0:00-0:47 admit one
2. 0:48-1:27 opening credits
3. 1:28-2:17 when the world gets heavy (go away)
4. 2:18-3:04 shadow
5. 3:05-3:45 illusion
6. 3:46-4:06 do it
7. 4:07-5:06 listen to me
8. 5:07-7:00 i could change the world
9. 7:01-7:26 opposition
10. 7:27-8:23 what is it?
11. 8:24-8:59 readmission
12. 9:00-9:53 i could change the world (reprise)


released May 28, 2014
Produced by Sly Tompson
all instruments Scott Ziegler




ILL DOOTS Philadelphia

ILL DOOTS is a group of individuals with different perspectives, from different places who want nothing more than to make good music with no rules. In 2009 jam session origins turned into a small dorm room studio project which has since evolved into a raging live beast of a band. ILL DOOTS crash landed on this planet with a sound never heard before on Earth, a new philosophy: 3EATKRACK. ... more


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