Check out this review of the Jackson King and Phantom collaboration, “Wolves.” MinM, a contributor for, had some dope words to say about the homies, saying,”Jackson did a stand up job lacing the beat on this track. And Phantom came with some heavy content. He got his point across in a way that people won’t easily forget.” Check out more of the article here. And be sure to listen Wolves on Soundlcloud. #ILLMOVEMENT

Wolves by Phantom X Jackson King

Check out this is new collaboration with Phantom and Cali producer, Jackson King. Jackson’s back breaking beat combined with Phantom’s proclamations, make this a super banger. The wolves... Read more

Check us out in Jump Philly!

check-us-out-in-jump-philly Check us out in Jump Philly magazine. We’d like to say thank you  to Matthew Leister, wrote a great, insightful piece on the band and the ILL Movement. We’re on page 16, and check out...... Read more

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